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Overnight Stabling

Overnight Stabling

Are you on a long journey and the horse (or several) need a break? Do you have to keep to your driving times? Then you are right with us! We have space for you and your horse.

Our service for you - the horse hotel enables us to bridge stopovers or waiting times before departure. You can deliver your horse yourself before long trips and pick it up afterwards.

After consultation with the veterinary office, it is possible to carry out quarantines.

Frankfurt - 153 km

Basel - 197 km

Zurich - 280 km

Luxembourg - 281 km

Munich - 295 km

Liège - 384 km

Salzburg - 442 km

Milan - 548 km

Amsterdam - 566 km

Kiel - 736 km

Madrid - 1.727 km

Brunnenhof Entfernungen Übernachtungen

Die Anlage

  • 10 Horse boxes

  • Treadmill

  • Horse walker

  • Rolling opportunities on the track and in the hall

  • Parking for the van

  • Water and electricity

Pferdehotel Brunnenhof Anlage
Führanlage im Pferdehotel Brunnenhof
Übernachtungsboxen im Weitwinkel


We would be happy to take care of the export and quarantine for you. Our quarantine station is approved and certified by the veterinary office / regional council of Karlsruhe. In consultation with our office, we can offer quarantine for all countries (even Canada, Japan and Singapore) and occasions for your horse.


box per horse and night; hay + shavings incl . 35€

treadmill per use 5€

horse walker per use 5€

Electricity for the transporter 20€

weitere Übernachtungsboxen

Overnight accommodation nearby

Private apartment

Sylvia Bahr

Talsstraße 3

Tel: +49724328715

Mobil: +491624388456

Airbnb's are also available in the area as well as the Ibis-Hotel.

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