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Thomas Furrer

Thomas Furrer has been working in the industry for over 30 years and is experienced in dealing with all kinds of horses.

Thomas Furrer

1990: The Pferde-Taxi company has existed since 1990. It started back then with an trailer for 3 horses and a self-built Opel Blitz.

The horse taxi team initially consisted of 3 specialists

• Thomas Furrer is the owner and driver class 2

• Irmela Balser is IPZV-Trainer and A class driver

• Harry Göring is Farrier and driver class 2

1991: After just one year the Opel was too small and we built a Mercedes Benz truck for 8 Icelanders.

Soon afterwards we leased a new Brenderup trailer for large horses because we also had a lot of demand for hospital transport.

Mercedes Benz LKW

In 1996 the Schramm company built the 1st Professional for 6 horses - according to our information, since there was no longer enough space in the truck for our tournament riders.

Since our truck with its 130 hp was now making slow progress with a load of 14 horses on the mountain, we decided to build a new truck with more hp.

In 1997 we built another truck, which was now equipped with all the chicanes, such as video surveillance, fully insulated suitcases, saddle room, space for 10 Icelandic horses or 6 large horses. Unfortunately, Harry and Irmela had to get their class 2 driver's license because our new truck has a total weight of 11.9 tons. As soon as our new truck was ready, everyone was so enthusiastic that the demand increased even more, so at the beginning of the Equitana 97 we had to convert a two-axle box trailer because we couldn't handle the demand

In the summer of '97 we got our hands on an old Niehoff case for 4 horses. This is old, but still in top condition, but unfortunately without a chassis. Do we make a trailer out of it or...? We've always wanted a Schnauzer truck. So we thought about what would fit our old suitcase.

We pored over endless truck newspapers: too expensive, too old, too bad! But chance helped us: In Kiel, a collector had a Daimler Benz chassis with all-wheel drive and with only 40,000 km no more space in his hall - and - the price was right.

Red number, on the train, paid and went home. Then we painstakingly adapted the suitcase, painted everything in the company color and our handy vintage car with all-wheel drive was ready, with which you can get into the last corners.


2023: You can find our current Vehicles here.