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Horse Transportation domestically & internationally

Furrer Horse Transportation

The well-being of the horses is our top priority

The well-being of the horses and safe transport are our top priorities. We offer horse and zoo animal transport at home and abroad and have been in the industry for over 30 years. In addition, we offer 10 fixed horse boxes on our extensive facility, so that a rest and overnight stay as well as export quarantine are possible without any problems.

Our stable is centrally located near Karlsruhe and the A5/Exit 47 - Ettlingen exit.

We do not offer collective transport for the following reasons:

  • Commercial horse/animal transporters are bound to the statutory truck driving times. Therefore, one driver is often not sufficient.

  • Worse for your horse: it usually travels twice as long due to the many loading points.

  • Due to the stress and viral load of the other horses, there is an increased risk of infection for the horses. In the worst case, the entire population can be infected after arrival.

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We transport your horses worldwide!

Equipped with vehicles that are adapted to the needs of the horses to be transported, according to valid EC regulations and with the utmost care, a lot of expertise and of course the love for horses.

We also carry out transports in Switzerland and have many years of experience with border formalities due to our proximity to the border.

We are also able to transport zoo animals such as llamas and alpacas, zebras, ostriches, bactrian camels and dromedaries, as well as pigs and cattle. Please ask us for an individual offer.

Anfahrten zu Europäischen Flughäfen

Airport Service

Your horses arrive at Frankfurt Airport - but you or your forwarding agent cannot be there at the time of arrival? We would be happy to pick up the horses for you and bring them to our horse hotel. Here your horse is cared for in a familiar stable environment, can wallow in the hall and wait in peace for further transport. The hectic environment at the airport is not good for the horses.

We would also be happy to bring your protégé to your home, a meeting point or your transporter will pick him up from us. We are flexible here and act for the well-being of the horses.

The central location shortens your journey towards Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Austria.

We pick up your horses from these airports, among others:

Airport FRA | Frankfurt - 145 km

Airport LUX | Luxemburg - 254 km

Airport LGG | Lüttich - 391 km

Airport GVA | Genf - 442 km

Airport AMS | Amsterdam - 566 km

Airport FCO | Rom - 1.161 km

Clinic Transportation

As far as we are available, we are happy to transport your horse to the clinic of your choice in an emergency. We also make referral trips to Swiss clinics and help with border formalities.

You can reach us at: +491718132608

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Horse-friendly and correct transport should be as if you were traveling yourself!

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Our Fleet

Equipped with vehicles that are adapted to the needs of the horses to be transported, according to valid EC regulations and with the utmost care, a lot of expertise and of course the love for horses.

We do not have 3.5 ton vehicles. Why?

Would you like to have your horse transported in an overloaded vehicle? That's why our little truck is a 7 t vehicle with a payload of 2100 kg. So we can transport 3 large horses, 4 small horses or 5 ponies with a clear conscience.

Our trailer has a permissible total weight of 3.5t and can load just as many animals as the truck.

With us, safety is our top priority.

We transport untraded horses, (rough horses) foals, etc. free of charge – i.e. not tied up. A horse is a flight animal and if it is tied up in a transporter that is unfamiliar to the horse, it can easily lead to panic and this is not horse-friendly.

Unser Anhänger hat ein zulässiges Gesamtgewicht von 3,5t und kann genau so viele Tiere laden wie der LKW.
Unser Anhänger mit einem zulässiges Gesamtgewicht von 3,5t
Überwachung der Pferde während des Transportes
Unser  7 t LWK mit 2100 kg Zuladung